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In 2007, the ownership of JDM Contracting Services decided they needed to break away from the larger company for which they worked to bring client relationships to the forefront.

It was for this reason that they combined resources and formed a smaller company that would stay in tune with its customers.

JDM prides itself on working only a few jobs at once in order to afford each client the one-on-one attention research paper he or she deserves. This specialized approach has led to JDM becoming the go-to builder for many NYC area homeowners looking to renovate their homes in a timely and budget-friendly fashion. We are with you from the design phase through move in, and in many cases have helped clients do both!

Our core philosophy is that when we are contracted with a client, they become part of our family. To that end, we treat their project as if we were working on our own homes and are mindful of the minute details necessary to deliver an elegant, seamless finish. It is our passion to exceed our client’s expectations and turn each endeavor into a lasting partnership.

Our job is not complete until our client is 100% satisfied and we fully guarantee our work. Give us a call at 718.993.3500 and allow us to assist in creating your vision.

About John White

John White began his construction career in 1982 when he joined Local 46 Metallic Lathers and Reinforcing Iron Workers. During his 10 years with the Union he quickly ascended the ranks and was a foreman on many jobs throughout lower New York State. If you’ve driven on an overpass bridge in Westchester, NY, chances are that John White had a hand in its construction.

John moved to R&L Construction in 1993 to work on various large-scale projects, including several for The United States Military Acadamy at West Point, the Picattiny Arsenal in NJ and The New York Zoological Society. John was the lead on many of the exhibits that opened at The Bronx Zoo in the early portion of the past decade. He was also responsible for several jobs involving adding floors to buildings without disturbing existing clients.

Feeling the need to forge his own path, John opened JDM Contracting in 2007 with the mindset of servicing the New York City renovation and alteration market. JDM’s first project was a 700k renovation at the prestigious UN Plaza, which was a springboard to other opportunities in the area. JDM’s finished work has been featured on NBC’s “Open House,” a program showcasing the finest residences New York City has to offer.

JDM Contracting also offers refuse and debris removal, both commercial and residential. For more information on the company and to view photos of completed projects please visit www.jdmcontracting.net.

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