If a full remodel isn’t an option, why not transform an underused portion of your home into a functional one?

If you are one of the few lucky homeowners to have more closet space than necessary, JDM can help make many things happen.
A simple bathroom can become a spa, a home office can be achieved, or a home-based washer dryer area can be created. But those are easy solutions.

Is a random building column standing in an awkward spot in your apartment? Based on its location, cabinetry can be added to create a service area that will have you toasting its odd location each time you raise a glass!

Other simple design elements like lowering portions of ceilings to create a tray effect or installation of cove lighting can bring an otherwise pedestrian living space new life at a portion of the cost of a full remodel.

JDM and its design team can assist clients in realizing the untapped potential of the space around them. The challenge to create a conversation piece by relocating a wall or adding new light fixtures is one we eagerly accept and use as a creative measuring stick. We constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve and bring our clients with us as we create the next beautiful home. Chances are you’ve seen our work. So, what can we do for YOU?



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