The largest problem facing homeowners when contemplating a renovation is budget.

Decisions on where to spend your money to receive the most return on investment are difficult. A typical problem occurs when homeowners neglect the backbone of their services alike providing project, the items they don’t see: plumbing and electric. These items are easy to overlook because they exist mostly inside of the walls, but when improperly or cheaply completed they become unavoidably obvious.

Hiring the wrong plumber or electrician can be a disastrous mistake. Local codes constantly change and only licensed professionals keep themselves updated. JDM works with only a handful of licensed plumbers and electricians who share our diligence in safely completing all of the “behind the scenes” work involving your plumbing and electrical systems up to and in many cases exceeding local standards. A client’s job is to marvel over the gorgeous plumbing fixtures and intricate lighting systems they have selected. Our work is to make sure it will safely function for years to come.



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