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  • We are extremely pleased with the remodeling work performed by JDM Contracting on our home. Their craftsmanship exceeded our expectations. We enjoyed getting to know them on a personal level. They exhibited great integrity. They followed up on commitments. We consider the project they completed for us a total success.

    East 48th Street Client
    East 48th Street Client
  • We heard so many nightmares about kitchen renovations, but to be honest, the guys at JDM made this experience as painless as possible from ripping out the old kitchen to putting all the final touches on the new! In fact, at times, getting our kitchen renovated was even FUN!

    East 72nd Street Client
    East 72nd Street Client
  • JDM were the most professional and dedicated contractors I have worked with. They made me feel comfortable from our first meeting and is ultimately why I chose them. My apartment was completed on schedule and with no shortage of laughs. I would recommend them to anyone.

    East 57th Street Client
    East 57th Street Client
  • JDM completed a small kitchen remodel for us. They were very helpful with me in design and paid attention to every little detail. Their workers were neat and pleasant, the job was completed on time and we are very happy with the new kitchen!

    East 49th Street Client
  • JDM's team is the BEST! We have used them for many projects over the last few years. First time ever in our lives we were so happy to use a contractor again and again. There's nothing they can't do and always do it right.

    East 57th Street Client
  • The quality of their work was excellent, and their project manager had excellent communication. He responded to all calls and texts in a very fast manner.They were very easy to work with as things popped up and navigated through the process accordingly.

    East 52nd Street Client
  • JDM's entire team are and have been the BEST. They are not only professional, but courteous and respectful of the client and my home. Secondly they are extremely knowledgeable, and keep to scheduling. I especially appreciated their attention to detail. Of which there was much, as you can imagine when I am a designer.

    East 57th Street Client
  • The kitchen is complete and looks AH-MAZING!

    As you also know, this/design is a tough business, especially designing a kitchen; so many moving parts, and people involved.

    The devil is in the details (with me being the devil wanting everything PERFECT). When there are issues to be resolved there tends to be blaming of another trades person (the contractor did it! the plumber must have done it! etc..) Not only mucking up the process and team but making the end result extremely difficult. I’ve seen this happen over and over again. But there are those on the team who shine through, and are solution oriented and go above and beyond - That would be you!

    I am so appreciative of all of your dedication, resourcefulness and attention to detail for my clients/projects. Also your timely responses. People like you make my projects flow smoothly (making my life much easier).

    Thank you! Your solution of soft scrub saved the day! Brilliant, your practical knowledge is so very much appreciated!

    Also, your painter has been stellar in his attention to detail, please let him know how much he and his craft is appreciated.

    I look forward to working with you on many projects!

    Cheryl Terrace, Vital Design
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